Dawn of the Dead

When I ordered my Kelly Road frame, I wanted a classic horizontal top tube. Didn't get it. Didn't mind the sloping tube at first, but over time, decided, on a road bike, I really didn't like the look. The bike rode just fine, but I'm a visual person and it is what it is. For reasons I won't go into, enter Le Champion.

It's a good bike. It was cheap and no sloping top tube. I like it. It's stiff and very light.

I like the look of Trek Road bikes. While everyone else was switching to the sloping top tube style, Trek stayed with the horizontal. Maybe it was because Lance said he's not going to ride no girls bike or something? Who knows, but the new Madrone looks like this...

Looks fast and light and like every other road bike out there now. It's not a big deal and who really cares? Just something to write about.

Will BBBB still be making old school frames when I have the $$ and I'm in need of a new (another) frame?

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