The Norwegian Stabber is ready to rent...Get some!

Norwegian Stabbur in Cable Wisconsin


Silent Sport Rental in the heart of Cable

Telemark Stabbur Rental

Bike - Ski - Run - Canoe - Kayak - Fish

Steps to the Namekagon River

Ride in just minutes to Eskar, Danky Dank and Ojibwa trails

Miles and miles of road and gravel riding 

Fish, Canoe or Kayak the Namekagon right out the door!

Relax in the Wood Fire Sauna and recover in the Namekagon River

2.5 Miles to DT Cable

Full Details to come 

June 2017

Do it! 

Norwegian Stabbur Handcrafted onsite!

A short walk from the front door to fish, canoe, kayak or just sit and watch the river flow by!  

Timber Framing in upper level 

 Wood Fired Sauna

 Sleeping loft

 Relax after an awesome day of outdoor activities!

Cozy kitchen and dining area


Marcus RIP

Our friend Marcus passed very unexpectedly.  Sad news for anyone that had the pleasure to know him.

Marcus was a full on character.  I considered him a friend, but certainly didn't know him all that well.  Whenever I got the opportunity to hang with him, he was always great fun to be around.  I'll miss those times.

I went through my pics and vids and pulled out what I had of Marcus.

Marcus was one of the good guys.  A true adventurer spirit, an easy smile and man, how about that hair.  Makes me smile just thinking about it.

Safe travels my friend.  You will be missed...



I'm rambling on...sorry. I love you all and hopefully when I see you sometime soon you will hug me and tell me you love me too....goodnight. 


destiny's child


whiskey stone

what's important to you
a day you can't forget
your wife's smile in the morning
a simple word from your child

what makes your heart strong
show me

I love you  
and I love this
all of this  

the hardest moments
the kindest words
the lies that I'm still handsome 
believing is seeing

how i've changed
less is more
silence is golden
less words are spoken

I'll steal this line 
sharing it
the author won't mind
I like people, I really do
I just don't like hordes of them, do you

cut your wood to warm your soul
heal from wounds you didn't ask for
ride to places you've pasted in cars
stop asking why

dance with strangers 
just fucking dance
because no one cares
you are beautiful
this is where I live