Fuck Hill

How many stories does this picture tell?

No racing at Buck tonight. Might be down there with Owen snappin' some shots with the new camera though. Or, we might be at Cedar lake cooling off in the water and sucking on a big Fat Tire?

To replace the joy of racing at full tilt for an hour this evening, I rode my Kelly racer in today and at lunch, I'm going to ride to brownie, then a lap at Wirth, some hill intervals on the gravel climb at Wirth, then if time allows, head back for another lap in brownie before going back to work.

At noon, the heat index should be just about perfect. Probably bring a second water bottle just in case. I'm no Otree.

I haven't ridden my geared mountain bike since Mt. Kato. Still having nightmares from that race. Cranks are creaking like a crazy. No creaky cranks on any of my bikes for years, and now three bikes have it. I guess a little maintained might not hurt.
I'm just rambling right now because I don't want to work, so if I were you, and you haven't already stopped reading, you may as well.....

Hank III is coming and the fire in my belly grows. The whirlwind is in a conundrum though. Two days after Hell comes to town, TSP and I leave for O2S. A hot night of High Life's and a possible whiskey or two and some pit action, could cause some serious training drawbacks for a pending 48 mile UP giddy up. But, as the last III show proved, a mellow, lay in the back approach to watching Joe Buck and crew do their thing is like ordering a High Life and getting a Coors light. It's a rip off. Nature will dictate this problem and the juices will follow the path of least resistance I'm sure.

Have a beautiful day!

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