Muddy River was a full on race day. GFrides, Doc, Becko, Paulie, Jodie, WW, Fride, ToMac, TSP and I all raced. Some felt like shit afterward. Some felt great. Some drank High Life afterwards (tasted damn good if you ask me). Some drank recovery something or other. Some went east. Some went west. Some got worse. Some got better. Some started hot. Some start slow. Some placed high. Some placed low. Some rode gears. Some rode one. No matter what, the race action was great. The course was near perfect and the weather was the Puppet Master. Many Kenwood Superfans on hand to keep the spirits high. All around a great day of racing!

The hippie van was front row center and proved it's worth once again.

Best line of the day....Little Bennett K says "Is this the Hippie Van" as he wanders under the awning. Yes, little man, this is the hippie van......Makes a hippie proud!

A few pictures were taken and will be posted soon.

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