Fride - The entire REI contingency was present as well as WW superfan.
Highlight of the night…TSP is in 2nd place at the start of lap 2.
Lowlight…TSP is superfanning when I come thru to start lap 3.
Weather went from bad at the start of the race to beautiful at the half way point of the race.
That is all you need to know.

Tommy Mac - TSP was so excited from getting a Chequamegon entry that he couldn't contain himself. Luckily his tire blew before he did! It was a fun night with a small field. We lost a little more of the north woods due to Progress, so they made up for it with more climbing. Harsh! Highlight of the night was when Becko won the mac-daddy prize - a new Bontrager carbon riser bar! For the new Niner, I presume....

WW - WFBH was good fun last night. I was watching our 2 boys, the rain held off and the racers were looking happy. PD told Stone just before the start that he had gotten him an entry into the 40 from Patt Sorenson. Stone took this news well and fired off the start line. On the 2nd lap Pink Floyd guy had a big lead but who came along in 2nd place? TSP!!! Alright, now we’re talking. But alas, he flatted toward the end of the 2nd lap.

Stone - Oh yeah

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