World Famous Recap

Well, my version of events from last night at buckaroo. No pics this week other than this pic of the land whores raping the sweet single track. Sick Money Loving Motherfuckers!

Light Kenwood crowd last night. BBBB, ToMac, TSP, Robo, TBK, Dirtgirl. Nice to see Rob and Carrie again. Been a while. So, here's my babel...

I got a good start. 4th into the woods right behind Sandberg, with Moore and Fisher leading. I felt great and wasn't going into the red...yet. Those new 180mm cranks felt nice, but I was whacking my pedals on everything in sight. I was with Sandberg going up the gravel / tar climb to the top. Sam Ofdendahl(sp?) passed us wearing a t-shirt (must be a Brendan Moore thing??), so now I'm 5th into the woods at the top. Stayed with them until the switchbacks and started feeling the effects of the fast start so decided if I was going to survive, I needed to slow down. Rode the second lap pretty tame and was in no mans land for most of it. Muscle LCR dude passes me on the gravel climb heading into lap 3 along with Stone and Tomac. Goofy LCR guy calls out "LEFT" on the lower gravel road as I'm riding all the way on the left right next to the grass. Um, dude, there is a whole road on my right you can use. He must get into some kind of frenzied state of mind when he's racing, because he's seems like a good guy afterwards?? I stayed with MLCRD for the lap and recovered was feeling really good. Then going down the loose gravel section in the upper single track, LCR goes down right in front of me and I had nowhere to go, so I go down too. We both get up. I had a mouth full of black dusty powdery dirt. Yummy. His geared rig is all messed up, Chain off, gears tangled. My simple ss rig is ready to roll, so I hit it. I catch back up with Tomac and then Lonny passes us heading into the woods for lap 4. I stay with him and pass him back as I cling to the wheel of Fast Ed on the upper long climb. Fast Ed and I are motoring along and Ed is hauling. Back wheel skidding everywhere. Major power on the flatter sections, but I stayed on his wheel, but was completely running in the red to stay with him. On the last switchback (heading south) before the downhill to the finish, I make my move on Ed and pass him on the lower part of the ski hill in the weeds. I was sure I was going to hit a hole or big rock and end my day right there, but it was smooth sailing through the weeds and I get by him and hammer it home with about 10 seconds on Special Ed. Ed was having major gear / chain problems and wasn't able to shift much and his chain was skipping, so basically I got lucky. No way I would have been able to stay with him if his bike had been working right. After the race, MLCRD came and apologized to ToMac for a bad pass, to me for crashing ahead of me and to Stone for another bad pass. BBBB is the only one he didn't mess with last night. I wonder what he does for a living? The course was super dry and I actually went down during warm up and drew first blood on the elbow. After the second crash in the race, my right side was scrapped up and I had a thorn sticking in my leg about a quarter inch. Ahhh, reminded me of Fruita! Put Small Block 8s on my single speed the day before and they rode good in Wirth, but didn't really like them at Buck. Never felt safe with them. I think the Karma's might have been better last night. I think I might need to run them a little softer and deal with flats as they come?

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