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Frustration in bike racing is tricky business. It can bite you in the ass if you're not careful. I didn't yell....well, after the 4th time a guy on the side of the course yelled at me if I needed a tube...and after four times of me saying "No, I'm good", I did say in a rather stout, clipped tone "NO, I DO NOT NEED A TUBE. THANK YOU!!". I didn't throw my bike. I didn't swear....much. I also didn't except any help after my second flat. Many good people in the race offered, but I just didn't want to talk to anyone and I just wanted to make my way on my own. I thought if I stopped moving to fix another flat, I might just lay down on the ground and curl up in a ball. So be it. Life is a crazy long road and sometimes the Hippie Van has to stop and take a breather, get a little work done and then get moving again. Hell yeah!

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Fride said...

There's assholes...then there's Thorny.