Like most hard races I've done, there are good points and bad points. Truth is, O2S has many great parts to it. The terrain is mixed and fast. Up and down. A little technical stuff, but mostly fast double track. Rocks, hard pack, grass, RR beds and yes, plenty of sand. There's a long road climb. Probably 4 miles with 3 steep pitches. For 35 miles it's all fun and games. It's the last quarter of the race that breaks you. Next year it will be the part of the race that will cause me worry. It's the part of the race that will change how I train. It's the part of the race that determines what kind of racer you are. Do you fight through it and keep your composure, or do you melt down and crack? That's probably what makes it a great race. I didn't think it was a great race when I finished it. I thought it sucked. I told myself there was no way I would ever do it again. Now I'm thinking of ways to do it better. Crazy but true.

I think I'm in the market for a Ti 29er hard tail with a carbon rigid fork....Giddy up!

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