My latest project, the Redline Team Conquest CX is 3+ lbs lighter than my Kelly KnobbX. I love the Kelly and never was worried to much about the weight of it. I got a bug up my ass though and decided I wanted a racy cx bike that was as light as I could afford. 18 pounds is my price limit I guess. Not sure were I could shave any more weight from this bike. The frame and fork are about as light as I've seen. I could save a little in a lighter saddle, but not much. I weighed my rode bike and the Redline is the exact same weight as Le Champion. I say that's light enough. Was hoping to ride it in Wirth today, but with the rain, won't be able to. Maybe tomorrow. As far as function goes, the brakes are the only real unknown. Don't know anyone who's used them, so have nothing to go by. They feel strong, but won't know until I ride them.

Today is a great day. Raining. Chill temps. Home with the family. Fire in the fire place. Reading. Lego's. Chillin'. Working on bikes. Blogin'. Listening to Moss Piglets. It's been a long time since I've spent a day like this.

Last night was some drunken fun with friends at a SPAM book signing in Uptown. Then it was onto the Country Bar for a real mix of people, a super rude forgetful bartender and a drunk waitress coming down from a afternoon of drugin'. Went through the pics today. Many keepers.

Facing the Evil will have to wait another 365 days. Just don't have the desire to drive up the morning of. Kiss my ass you Monkey fucker!

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