Otree Sighting 5

At Grandmaster Ultimate Zentree Studio, Ultimate Zentree (Steve) has found that teaching in a class room stifles his natural roaming senses. Thus, before each class, Otree takes his students on a 144 Kilometer "warm-up" ride to get the muscles loose and connect with his inner peace. Generally by the end of the warm-up portion of his class, only a few students remain. Otree considers these student worthy of his teachings. nick-named the "The Cowboy American" by his new friends in the Chinese commerce circles, RoundupTree finds himself often talking in perfect Chinese that he misses the little things about home. He loves to tell stories to his students and neighbors alike of beers with KRacers at Luce'. Standing in the shop at OneOnOne for hours contemplating multiple bike changes. Throwing a leg over the extra cycle for a ride to Grumpy's for High Life's. Steaks at the Monte Carlo. Riding to work on the Okee. Stupor Bowl, Snowballs Chance in Hell and last but not least, Homey Fall Fest. This has prompted Steve to reconsider his position in the community. So, as no surprise to any of the locals, a For Sale sign now hangs in the window of Grandmaster Ultimate Zentree Studio. HomeTree is ready to return to Hennepin County. He will always love this magical place in the east, but his heart belongs to the 612.

This just in...Rumor has it, Steve has worked out a deal with Xia Pu Changzi (ex Red Army Soldier) to purchase the Grandmaster Ultimate Zentree Studio. It will be renamed Grandmaster Ultimate Xia Pu Changzi Studio, but a banner telling of the Original Owners history will hang in the studio for as long as Ultimate Xia Pu Changzi owns it.

Last seen heading towards a sushi bar with Ultimate Xia Pu Changzi, Rountree feels confident his legacy in China will continue on for many years to come.


Van said...


This is Van from Alaska! I just read the blog comments and saw yours! Of course I remember you.. I'm at my folks right now and they read your comment as well.. good to hear things are going well for you! My email is portobrien@gmail.com if you have those pictures handy i'd love to see them. My band is playing in Minnesota on our next tour.. Minneapolois on October 23rd.. I don't know how close that is to you, but if you're around you should come out..the 400 Bar is the place.. Anyway, keep in touch! So nice to hear from you!


fc said...

freaky. i just bought the port obrien album a week ago. very good music and even better he's your friend tom. what small world.
i'll be at the 400 bar show for sure.

kenwood unite.