No racing this weekend. TommyMac raced Lake Rebecca. BBBB might have also. I'll have to ask them how that went. As of tonight, no pics of the race on skinnyski. I was going, but then backed out at the last minute. Classic. Some good shit is going down here in the near future. Somehow, it's all bike related some way or another. I dont' get to CRC very often, but this weekend, I found myself there twice. Such a great vibe in there. I was spying a bike, a bag and a t-shirt. My bank account said "buy the t-shirt", so I did. Got turned on to some new music as well. Bought a nice light rigid carbon fork from WW this weekend. Was hoping to put it on my Kelly geared bike, but it didn't work there so well, so it went on my SS were it fit perfect. It made a fairly light steel 29 ss even lighter and I think I'm glad to keep the matching green Kelly fork with the frame. It looks and rides very good that way.

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