Well, no need to do any explaining about this past weekend. The story is out there. One thing I know. The good people at that bike race Saturday made it great. Even that drunk crazy fuck Tow Truck. God speed brother.


super fly

true grit

orange - best color in the world

Real Old School


Never gets old



Earth is Pissed...and so am I. $20 for a t-shirt that shrunk up to a baby doll after one wash. I might be skinny, but I ain't ready to start that shit. No worries though. As we speak, it's in the doom tube heading to MANCOS to a crazy fast skinnier fucker that will know what to do with it.

Speaking of the Republic. Once you join, you're in for life. Otree and I got our Republic of Doom costumes. Gore-Tex Softec Seriously Badass Dual Six Shooter Raging Bull Motherfuckers. To top it off, the zipper pull is a spent shell. Make'em pay! We did and now we have the goods. They weren't cheap, but sometimes you have to pay to play. Think Swobo in a Federal Pen. Shank proof! Full view available Saturday.

This is how we do things in the country. Yeah, that's the good shit right there. Well One good turn deserves another. Ebay Item Number... 290184300790.

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