system of a town

Bob and band played well last night. the weather was just right. The beer was fresh and tasty. Lyle's was alive and well. The steamroller had issues, but after a little counseling, it learned how to cope with the abuse. Pulls on a fine little liquid named Patron' helped. Always does. Memory Lanes is Memory Lanes. Strange place to see a band playing out in the middle of the lanes with people still bowling, but it actually wasn't too bad once they lowered the lights. Stone and Tommy Mac showed the local foosballers a little Kenwood style. Much talk of steel custom singlespeeds and Fruita took place. After a failed attempt at sustenance after the show, it was homeward bound. Some of the bike paths were good, some were tough as nails. The section before Calhoun just about did me in. Hunger played a part in that and the big mutha ring I'm running up front. Feeling the pinch, I started dreaming about food and started feeling weak and hooptie. I didn't mind. It's that feeling that gets you to the other side. And the other side is where I'm heading.

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