Kenwood 03

Alan Factory Cup 2003


3 Kevin Kralston (Kenwood) 15
8 Steve Rowentree (Kenwood) 0

Men 35+
2 Scott Robertson (Birchwood) 17
5 Wallace Alexander (Kenwood) 11
6 Tom McDonald (kenwwod) 10
11 Gary Friedell (Kenwwod) 0

6 Jon Friedell (Kenwood) 10
22 John Coleman (u/a) 0
26 Thomas Thornquest (Eriks) 0

Cat 5
4 Sean Burns (u/a) 13
17 Will Hoeg (Eagle Ridge) 0

2 Becky Alexander 17

Alan Team Challenge Cup
2 Kenwood 167


otree said...

WTF is your point? MCf, or maybe it is that Alan guy, can't spell Kvalsten or Rowntree?

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

Easy Trigger. Just thought it was interesting seeing all those Kenwoodies in the results. What do I know. I was still with Erik's.

otree said...

Grumpy Cannuck was there too.

Fride said...

Wow. I used to be kinda fast. What happened??? How can one go from 6 to 36th in a matter of a few years???? Why do people train more than me??? Is that fair???

Anonymous said...
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burnt said...

I believe this was my first cyclocross race. I was rolling my Bridgestone XO-1 u/a. Next year I was wearing blue and late in the season I was riding an IF. Kenwood korruption.

WTF TTTT, you rode for Erik's? That is not computing. Did Ben and the Vitch kidnap you and hold you prisoner in the the shoppe basement several weeks for one of those Moonie-style de-programming sesssions?

fc said...

that was a super fun race. the legend of Kralston lives on...

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

Burnsie - More like I threw myself at their mercy. They took pity, handed me a High Life and the rest is history. Sorry fools had no idea what they were getting themselves into.