World Famous Buck Hill

Tonight's action at Buck Hill was spot on. Tomac killed it with a 12th overall with a strong field ahead of him. Even some skinny ass dude from Boulder was in the mix. Stone rode hard with Pete Chow and then won the mac daddy prize of the night. Bob Brown saved my bacon, just about dropped me on the climbs, pulled me back to reality, then let me loose. Cheers BBBB. I still owe you a burger and a beer. The GFride and the Fride raced, smiled and looked good doing it. Silent Richard got the worst chain suck ever. Jodie K showed Hans Solo, raced and seemed pretty damn happy about it. Buck Thorn Killer was there, size XL, making fools pay. Side Burns and Maria were racing, winning swag and looking for results. Stacy, Tracy, Owen, Jada, Jackson, Audrey, Isabel, Hans, Rosa, Silvia, Daddy Deanweed, Katie, Owen, Eddie, all there enjoying a killer night of racing, beer, friends and family. Somebody I'm forgetting. Another Matt I believe. Yep, if I'm remembering his name right, there were two Matt's flying the Kenwood colors tonight. Can't beat that. Missed the Alexander crew and some other WFBH KRacers semi-regulars for sure. Sometime soon we need the One On One boys and girls, the CRC crew and a certain NoShowTree to rally down there and really get some shit going. Beer Hand-Ups, smoking at the starting line, general mayhem. The good shit! Well, tomorrow's got crazy written all over it, so I better hit it.

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