dirty days pass slowly

there are pretenders
shadowed by defenders
some are killers
i have seen them suffer
pushed by the fulfillers
i fail to remember
i walk with the glory of the former
who carries the shame of mindless thinkers
bend over and pucker sucker
another day passes by the glad hand fuckers
they laugh and hide from the thrillers
past with anger by the overfillers
i share the will of another
wearing the darkness of no other
wish me well on my journey in
sinful thoughts bleed from a thin skin
wash my dirty deed within
a blurried eyed man dancing on a whim
last of the glory mongers
i won’t ever stop from what you call hunger
as the days end draws near
listen for the silent command
lay sleeping on the dying land
i’ll shake you awake with my left hand
and greet you where I stand


Bloodclot said...

leave the Overfillers out of it... Didn't you see the Strib article?!?!

bloodline said...

love the poetry...more please

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

The praise is there, just have to know where to look.