Ken Woods RR

Not sure what to say.  Hadn't updated the license, so got a 1 day and had to race Cat5 which sounded easy enough.  Fride raced Cat4.  Jon went off 5 minutes ahead of us.  As I was sitting at the start I thought about just sitting in and saving myself until ?? and then try something.  That's a nice thought, but then as we started, I decided I wanted nothing to do with getting in a crash, so I rolled out in the lead and kept it and hammered for about 10 miles.  I'm sure the other 49 Cat5's appreciated that.  Then I sat in for a mile or so and as we were going along at a very slow pace I realized this could go on for a while, so I attacked....and attacked...and attacked....and attacked...and then I started feeling it in the legs.  So, I sat in some more.  Still really slow....so I pulled...and pulled and pulled and at the top of the long climb to the start / finish, I popped a little.  Main group got a little gap and I hammered alone or sometimes with another rider for the next 10 miles.  Then I was done.  I got dizzy and super hungry and had nothing left with about 5 miles to go.  I rode in on empty and felt like I couldn't have gone harder.  I didn't ask anyone else to pull I just went hard and got a good ride in.  I'm a horrible road racer.  One because I don't do it enough and two because I have no patience what so ever. One time a long time ago I raced a rr and sat in for the entire race and I got second because my legs were fresh at the end.  Second place was nice and the sprint at the end was fun, but it was easily the least fun race I've done. 2 hours of stopping and starting and sprinting out of corners just to slow down again doesn't do it for me. Oh well, I guess that's why I have one road bike and 5 dirt bikes.  Afterwards, Jon and I sat at his car drinking a Bell's Oberon and that was easily the best part of that day. I guess I figured out what to say.


Unknown said...

biggest mistake i made all day was forgetting the post race beverage.

one dirt bike, 8 road bikes.

we'll rub elbows at chewey

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

Not this year friend. On that day, I'll be trying to remind my beautiful wife why she married me 11 years ago to the day! But, I'll have a pair of real mountain bike shoes you can borrow. Nice racing Saturday by the way!

fc said...

damn thorny.. sounds like a rough day in the saddle. next time i'll pull you around for the first half then you can do your thing the second half.

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

thanks for the offer fc, but following you around for a lap might just put me in the hospital!