being chased.  being favored.  laying down.  walking home.  stand alone. wash your feet.  stay with me.  look through weeds.  find  your speed. grand plans.  drawers are full.  back yard dirt.  lies i told. save your spirit. morning black.  give it back. work day shoes. tie a knot. follow molly.  say a lot.  give me grace.  watch the pace. fall behind.  flat line time.  stay for dinner.  stay all night.  wrong on sunday.  wrong on monday.  go to church.  ask them why.  tires flat. getting fat.  fix the wall.  endless mall.  hate the reason.  change your season.  movies end.  fishing stories.  unknown glory.  feeling down.  lifted by fate.  neighbors stare.  lawn goes bare.  car is rusty.  chain is crusty.  follow me.  bleed for free.  wait in line.  hot dog stand.  keg with beer.  live with fear.  going home.  digging holes.  making memories.  tv die.  wasted time.  love the new.  sleep right through.  clean the floor.  I want more.  dogs stand still.  gifts of ill will.  wait for me.  find the finish.  end the day.  walk away.  come and stay.  choose the least.  what a feast.  ride to ride.  burn the house.  watch it fall.  stay with me.  till i'm free.

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