suffering molly

all the places wondered
all the things she's seen
all the pretty sisters
saying she's not clean
she wishes for the damp chill
of a dark hollow night
while she stares at the mirror
it shows her what's not right
her holiness unravels
as her tattoos start to bleed
she dismisses all the people 
and gives them what they need
she dances on the lonely
and shares with them her sight
please don't give your pity
as she walks alone tonight
feel the warmth of her whisper
tell her she can't go
blame her ego for the day
of all the casted shadows
tell her that you'll savor
all the failing grace
she hears the trees are falling
and suffers from their fate
she stumbles through the evening
cherishing her last days
telling all the stories
that things are not this way
as they suffer their misfortune
the circus freaks ask why
knowing how the river flows
she dances way up high
her legs dangle in the air
as her followers start to leave
she wishes she could sing a song 
to bring them to their knees

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