Maplelag is a very cool place to race bikes. Saturdays events left me wondering who my papa was. Sunday's race went much better. The xc course was fast, extremely technical and withdrew absolutely everything I had in my body and spent it with a little more than 1 kilometer to go. Stone, WW and I raced together for two laps which was super fun. Stone faded just a bit and WW and I raced together for the remainder of the race. Being right on the edge for most of the race and knowing that any mistake would probably mean the other person would get away, that's intense. WW and I are friends and teammates, but I really wanted to beat him. With a half lap to go, I was picturing a sprint finish. Man, that would have been fun. But, it didn't work out that way. With one last steep short climb, some singletrack and a wide open finish, a thief took my will and that was that. The rest of the weekend was filled with kids eating more cookies that meat, dirt jumps, hot tubs, 25 seat table settings, cold lake swims, turtles, frogs and many beers with friends. Johnny Sandbagger had a spectacular weekend and showed us all that even if you're short, you can accomplish really big things. Nice racing stud.

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