forty five

saturday, oct 24 2009

10:00 am: trimming basement, thinking about racing
11:00 am: still trimming basement
11:16 am: put new chain on bike and dial in shifting (nod to geno)
11:45 am: walking dog thinking about racing 45+ and masters 35+.
11:55 am: decided to race the 1:30 45+
12:04 pm: furiously packing gear, bike, pbj's, drinks.
12:12: pm: printing directions
12:16 pm: heading north east to a race that the sign up ends in less than an hour.
12:36 pm: driving east on 36 in moderate traffic. have feeling not going to make it.
12:50 pm: driving on 15 north. still got that feeling
12:59 pm: head east on cr 4 sooner than expected. might make it.
1:11 pm: park, get bike and ride to sign up. sign up for both 45+ and master 35+. feeling good.
1:25 pm: roll up to start line with no warm up and no pre-ride.
1:28 pm: standing at start with a bunch of other gray beards.
1:30 pm: whistle sounds. longish road start to fast right hand turn onto grass and a barrier. 3rd position.
1:31 pm: steep downhill with hard right at bottom with a steep ball buster climb right after. determine pre-ride would have been nice.
1:33 pm: watch paul and another gb start to pull away and a handful of guys zip past me. sitting in about 8th.
1:37 pm: hold position, but breathing is super heavy. need to slow down.
1:44 pm: second lap. holding position, hit second barrier section. clear barrier at speed. hand doesn't connect with bar on re-mount. ass over tea kettle. slam back and head hard on the ground. take a knee. two guys pass. drama.
1:54 pm: start to get my wits about me again, but feel like quitting. paul s rolls up and gives a word of encouragement. hang with him. start feeling better.
2:01 pm: back and forth with paul s for a lap then pull away. don't feel like quitting anymore, but realize I donated 5.00 extra dollars to the cause. no more gas for 35+.
2:10 pm: no mans land. lap one rider. having fun. head hurts. back hurts. looking forward to finishing.
2:16 pm: have a passing thought about at least starting the 35+ race
2:17 pm: fuck passing thought about starting 35+ race.
2:19 pm: finish in 10th place. head to car. change. drink. eat.
2:45 pm: watch start of 1/2 35+ race.
2:52 pm: watch doug s leading with a nice gap after one lap. scotterob is right the mix of a good group. scotterob has a good race.
3:04 pm: get back in car and head home.
4:16 pm: finish trimming basement.

photos by: http://www.studiobluempls.com/ sorta.

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Bloodclot said...

sick! Way to go, Thorny.