hudson the more

I'm finding it easier and easier to quit races. mostly to save myself for another day, but it still feels wrong when it happens. i guess age brings wisdom and less bravado maybe? I felt good heading into it, but knew after a couple laps it wasn't going to be a good day. TomMac had a fine race in the 35+. Stone worked his way from the back all the way to 10th in the Cat 3. WW would be proud. Fride kept the pedal to the medal and the smile on the face in the 3s as well. Robo and Burns rode like men in the 45+. By the smile on her face, Becko had a good day too. ScottERob followed my lead which helped shorten my guilt trip. Always sucks having equipment trouble before your race even starts. But, like my grand dad always said, a bad day of racing is still better than just about anything else. I reckon so.

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