Cheq 100

Have you ever ridden 100 miles?
Yes you have.
Have you ever ridden 100 miles with me?

Perfect friends from a history of miles. Perfect Sounds from the Teddy Bears. Words from Paul Westerberg sung by an old soul. Not famous but related to one of the few. A perfect cabin in an amusement park. A fire extinguisher the size of a tick in a forest the size of heaven. Coffee made with passion. Bikes so different and so beautiful you just have to smile. Anticipation, food and water for 90 miles of a beautiful dirt ribbon and 10 miles of wanderlust dreams. Trails built by the unreal. A simplistic power showing he's human. A scary euphoric drift and a cry for help. Two saviors giving grace. Friends from a familiar place indeed. Much talk of sustenance and luxury. Steaks and overflowing wishes. Power at the 11th hour. A sprint for the very very middle. Perfect! Then the simplest idea becomes the perfect end. A cold baptism to cool the souls of our feet. We didn't race. We rode and it was absolutely a dream. Turks. 80 years of giving at the helm. A kings meal. Ticks in biblical numbers. No other ending to the day would have been as proper. Craving more. The loggers breakfast and a visit to Wests. As we came to a close and the fuel ran low, the final gesture was to a well spoken 8 year old riding a kind shiny 40 lb Mongoose. We guarded the gem while he secured two bags of chips and a coke with a silver tongue.

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