This weekend is Maplelag for myself and family and some other kenwoodies. Tomac, BBBB and Burns are heading to the Dakota 50. Good luck to all!

Someone else is going to watch Evan Evans do his thing over in Hodag country. Before yesterday I didn't know who he was. Now I do.

Speaking of Burnsie, I ran into him yesterday. It's the 10th anniversary of the Dak50 and in order to be a part of it, he's rockin' it cowboy style again this year. If you don't know what I mean, he's riding the race dressed like Clint Eastwood in the Good, the bad and the ugly. That's a hard fucking race with all the proper gear on. To do it like it was a cross race that fell on Halloween is pretty much about as bad ass as you're likely to see. So, because Sean is tougher than you and I, from this point forward, when Sean and I are drinking together at a bar, his drinks will be on me, for life.

If anyone has a medium Kenwood Kit they are looking to sell, let me know.


Bob said...

For his efforts Burnsie was awarded the "spirit of the Dakota 5-0" award which included one bad-ass military style cruiser bike. Well deserved.

It should also be mentioned that he rode in the cowboy garb, with boots in toe-clips on his 28 lb nisiki alien mtb from like 1989 or something. That man is pure man.

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

Damn, Burnsie's toughness is making me thirsty.

burnt said...

So, what's the best part about riding an Alien in the 5-O?

I left the third aid station after hanging out with Brapper Dan and Hannah. Immediately after the aid station is a steep jeep trail that has broken many hearts and destroyed many legs. At the base of the climb some poor rider was trying valiantly to extract his chain-sucked chain from his full-suspension rig.

As I rode by I didn't laugh. I didn't smile smugly. However, I must confess I had smug thoughts--very, very, very smug thoughts. Hey, if he had elevated chainstays like my Alien chainsuck would have been no problem.

Of course, his double-boinger was probably the only one that didn't pass me on the remaining nine miles of downhill...

Every K-Racer has to do this race. The new single-track is killer and it has killer views. Did I write it was killer?