Fun Bob -R.I.P.

Heard yesterday that a friend of mine, Bob Lind 'Fun Bob', took his own life.

I started racing mountain bikes with Bob on the Eric's team eons ago. We did a few 24 hours of Afton races together. Bob did a bunch of Monday night rides, which is where I think I first met him. He did many series races and I did plenty of after work road rides with him way back when. Bob sold Owen some of his first mountain bikes. I didn't see him very much over that past years, but recently started working in Maple Grove and saw him when I'd stop in at Eriks, where Bob has worked at manager since I've known him. About a month ago we had good long conversation (I was late getting back to work) and Bob was really stoked to be getting back into riding after a few years of not much riding at all.

It's a strange feeling to lose a friend. I'm stunned by it.

I know I have some pictures of Bob stored away somewhere that I'll look for and put up. I also have a story about the fastest tire change I've ever seen done by Bob at Afton. It was something to see.

To ya Bob! You will be missed.

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