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July 4 2012

Loaded the HV and headed west with Owen to Ketchum ID for the Mountain Bike Nationals.  North Dakato, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.  ID was our only planned destination.  Sun Valley for the race and Nampa (Boisie) for some time with Owen’s Great Uncle Tom.  A true character in a land of few.  Owen’s goal was to ride as many BMX tracks and skateparks as possible on his new dirt jumper “the sinner”.   I had no goals.  I knew I’d suffer in the race and love every minute of it.  I also knew every day would be great no matter where we were.  So goes the story…

heading out

 north dakota                


 dickenson's 4th

click to enlarge

 jack welding the muffler - miles city montana
 jack happy to make 15 bucks
 welcome to billings...now get rad!
 butte montana coffee shop
 owen art
 getting air in billings
 local hot shoe
 butte montana

 sun valley from the hv
 ketchum pump track

 looking east

 go pro moto
 robertson bikes
 owen and will

 lea d hole shot


 kenwood forever


 rock garden 1
 pro men


 rock garden 2

 scotterob getting rad
built by a crazy man
 utah greg / gaew / owen


 haily id park
 brian pennington

 great uncle tom

thought i had the perfect thelma and louise shot, but the driver was a dude

1.5 hours 20 miles of this on that.  owen drove almost the whole way

 old faithful at rest
 woke up to this view

after seeing and taking a short ride on will's new scott 29er, owen's busy brain was working overtime...
we both got uncomfortably close to this big guy...even with the 75-300.
road construction caused the congestion, but crazy people were jumping out of moving vehicles to get a glimps of whatever was out there.  we did not get out and never saw what it was.  owen figures it was a bear

 beartooth pass, wy
almost the top of the world

 back to billings and more rad
 new buddy

 100 degrees montana heading east
heading home through mah da ha country

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Tommy that was an awesome reel of Photos ....