Cable Off Road Classic

Stone and I made the trek to Cable for the Off Road Classic.  Due to all the snow and rain this spring, they altered the course and ran it all on gravel.  Stone rode his Quiring and I chose the cx bike.  I wanted to test the new carbon tubulars before cx season, so this seemed like a good time to do it.  It rained pretty much all night before the race.  Getting motivated was a bit tricky Saturday morning with a close to full growler waiting in the cooler. The temp was good though, so we rallied to Lakewoods.  The numbers were down, but still a lot of folks showed up.  Plenty of familiar fast guys were there.  Even though the race was cut short to only 20 miles, it was going to be a fast, hard ride for sure.  Tim and I both got good starts and we were with the front group as things got strung out.  Stone had some belly issues and faded a bit to calm those down.  I had I'm not as fast as there guys issues and faded just a bit later.  We both stayed in the hunt for good rides though and finished close to each other.  Both bikes worked great.  Some guy from Ashland on a cx bike with a back fender beat all the big names. We hung out with Robo afterward drinking River Pig, eating brats and soaking in a great day. 


DMC said...

Awesome sounding ride,,,

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

You had a nice race Sunday. Good start to the season. See ya soon I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

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