Owen has been wanting a commuter type bike to ride to the skate park when he's skating, scootering and not BMX'n.  Some of his skater buddies are into the super hipsters fixes.  All the colors.  All the WHAT???  

Heading back from Cable Saturday, we stopped at Poor Richards Antiques.  It's a really large antique place on the outskirts of Spooner.  It's large, but pretty well organized and they had a lot of cool stuff including some bikes.  

Owen spied this old English "Hercules" and wanted to get it and turn it into his commuter bike.  At first glance I was like, oh man, that's a lot of work and that bike looks pretty much done.  He persisted.  I looked a little closer and started seeing the potential and realized in it's day, it was probably a pretty nice  
lugged English 3 speed.  

We got old poor Richard to drop from $35 to $20.  Owen was stoked.  We got home and he immediately started taking off the things we knew we needed to replace.  When I was haggling over the  price with the owner, he said "is it for the kid".  I said yes and then he said "Well, I have a real soft spot for kids that see value in old things where other people just see junk, how about 20 bucks?" Hell yeah!

Next stop, One On One to sift through the basement to find the stuff we need to make it run.  

This old Huffy was pretty whacky.  Owen wanted to buy this one too.  I just said no.  

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