drinking the cool aid

Tested out the new bike this weekend.  Saturday we rode from the cabin to the Eskar Trail which is currently being groomed by a childhood bmx/motocross buddy Rick Carpenter.  Crazy small world.  More on that another time.  The Eskar was perfect.  Couple of the climbs we had to hike, but overall is was just super flow.  The views and the scenery from the high point were stunning. The bike worked great and felt great.  From Eskar, we rode backroads into Cable where Mik served up our 1 dollar taps for riding to the joint on fat bikes.  After many beers, pizza and  bread and getting to know a ton of nice people, we rode to Perry Lake Road and back to the cabin.  After grilling some steak for tacos we settled into the Honkey Tonk show.  Sunday we drove to the Seeley Trailhead and found an amazing network of trails groomed for biking.  It was fantastic.  We got a little lost and rode about an hour longer than expected, but neither of us cared.  Too good.

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thin man. fat bike.