St. Cloud Stop and Go RR

A missed flight in Dublin allows for some RR action in St. Cloud on Saturday. Stone and I rolled the Volvo out about 7:30. Stopped at a secret Dunn Bros in the northern burbs and headed west on 94. After a little confusion as to where the sign-up was, we had about 10 minutes to pee and warm up before the rollout start in the Cat4 race. The cat 4 was combined with the Cat 4/5 Over 30 race, so the field was a good size.

the first of 2 22 mile loops started slow for the first half and was flying for the second half. No attacks in lap one to mention. No good spots to really make a move and the wind seemed to be in the face no matter which way we rode. With only one big climb, everthing stayed together for the first 25 miles.

A few miles into lap two, a couple guys jumped and got a nice gap. Stone decided to go and caught those guys and seemed to be putting a good gap on. The main group, going super slow started arguing (silly) and so I decided to jump too. Dumb. Right when I did, the main field did too and soon everyone was back together...sorry Stone! I started fading pretty bad after my little show and I was struggling to stay with the group...then I hear "Get back in there" in a very familiar accent. Dag was rolling the course in support of Bjorn I suppose. For a second I thought I was in a cross race....with a little help from Dag I back in the main field where I sat and recovered pretty well.

For the next 10 miles it surge and slow, surge and slow and I was getting sick of it. I knew I wasn't going to get away, but wanted to get some hard miles in, so away I went about a mile before the big climb. It would have been a good spot for a move if I had Otree like hammer capabilities....but, I got a little gap, kept things honest and strung everyone out, which always puts a smile on your face. It turned into solid training for O2S. I kept that pace to the big climb, got dropped and then fought the last 10 miles with some others to get back to the main group. Worked hard with a U of M dude with OneOnOne socks to get to a 4 man group. Once with them, we all worked together ran a nice paceline home.
Big crash at the finish for the sprinters, so I'm really glad I didn't sit in and wait for that action. They kept the sprint to one lane? I was fully worked at the end and the High Life's Stone and I enjoyed were a perfect end to the day.

Stone rode a nice race and almost got away on the only attack that had promise. Good action all round.


fc said...

lets see more pics of that Volvo!!

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

You dirty bastard!

WFBH this week! Show those Moore boys and Lefty what's what!

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

You dirty bastard!

WFBH this week. Show those Moore boys and Lefty how it's done!

Giddy up!