otree sighting 3

After his time in Hong Kong, which didn't go exactly as planned, otree set off to, in a sense, find himself. Trading in the pair of 26" wheels for a nice fixie from the same shop down the way, Steve started pedaling and decided he needed to understand the Chinese culture first hand. First Stop, Tiananmen Square, most recently famous for the 1989 Tiananmen Square Protest. As Steve rode through the Square, thoughts of the lone defiant protester halting four tanks in the center of the square came to mind. With the tanks long gone, only the lone protester still stands as a symbol of freedom in China. Otree, not one to labor on sentiment, rode by the lone protested giving just a simple nod. For Steve, this was a moment to take in some new sights and learn some history about China. Not deal with someone's personal issues. Feeling free himself, riding his recently purchased steel fixed gear bike, Otree rolled through the temple gates and has not been seen since.

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