wake up and face the gray
cry for the wasted
show me you mean what you say
puke all the bad I've tasted

speak the truth and bleed with darkness
holding on to my spine
life goes limp with misfortune
taking numbers and waiting for time

black eyes seek the beauty ink
changing days and smell the floral stink
for you I'll peel my dirty skin
expose the truth and start a whirlwind

ugly stories about my ugly past
realizing the truth won't last
maimed from a brutal wicked start
a child's mind still holds my broken heart

punch through the charging enemy
break his neck with the holy myth
wake to find I'm still living
with all my unholy gifts

thieving demons singing lullaby's
until I sleep my eyes are blind
left alone upon my rancid throne
leave me to burn the night alone

sliding down into the water
cleanse myself and breath in deep
the liquid fills my empty body
with a peaceful blackness that I seek


joshua said...
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Fride said...

You can't delete comments foo!

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

I am god of my blog, so yes I can. Go drive your car into the garage.

Fride said...

I am never reading your blog again then...

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

Mission accomplished!