hallowed ground

Ham Lake today. Took a few photo's but not many. Aside from Doc, Pauly, BBBB and Fride (in pictures), WW and Becky were there along with Per and Nico. Becky was awesome on the bike and off watching Owen while I raced. ScottEWood was there throwing down the power. Being my first A race, I was a bit out of my element at the start. I started in pretty much the last row. Doesn't matter if I feel like I'm going to do well in a race or not, I'm always more comfortable near the front. But, after the start and heading down the doubletrack, I realized my start position was just about right. The first two laps were fast, but not out of hand. Was with Scott for a lap, but then he was gone. Rode with WW for a bit, but he found a little bad luck and we got separated. Bridge up to and settled in with Jason Schnider and a Grand Stay dude for most of the race. Got passed by Doug S and Adam Bergman with about two laps to go. Just after they lapped us, another guy bridged up on Grand Stay, Snide and myself. The guy had some power left and I had none. Got dropped from that little group and rode solo the last lap and have no idea where I finished. Jon was the best hand-up bitch ever. The Kenwood Superfans were rockin' the place. Fun racing again, but unless the Kenwood Park race happens, probably won't race till the State race and may just superfan that one and shoot a video for the contest. We'll see?


Fride said...

Way to hammer. You got 7th in the 35+ field. NICE! "Jonny, it hurts!"

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

It hurts real bad!

fc said...

i'm waiting until i'm 35+ so i can race you old fuckers. three more years should be enough practice time.