Finally got out this year. I don't crave it like some other things in life, but when everything is clicking and I'm cruising along nice and smooth, it's pretty sweet. And, when I'm skiing at Wirth, it always reminds me how lucky I am to be so close to something so good. Winter or summer. Skis or bikes.


burnt said...

So, are you going to pay your double sawbuck and fugazi to ride the trail in 2008? Enquiring minds want to know or want to read your rant.

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

Rant? I don't rant...much. I could write a poem about the proposed fee? But then I'd need to rhyme some dark dastardly thoughts with "Wirth", and that could upset and confuse Fride, so better to just not even try. Will I work on the trail again? If someone asks nice and there's beer involved, probably. Will I pay? Maybe, maybe not. Will I lose sleep over the fee? Nope. Will I ride it either way? Yes.

Nice shots of the 612 on your last couple of posts. I do agree with you. There is something magical about riding in the winter.

Happy New Year Sean. Be safe tonight.

Fride said...

I'm confused!

gwadzilla said...

none of it is close enough for me

I am a country boy who chooses to live in the city