Fu Manchu Inc.

Saw a Toyota commercial the other day. It was for an SUV Hybrid I think. Showing Big Wheel races on some perfect California day in a perfect demographically PC California neighborhood. The guilt free SUV hauling everyone back up the hill with their Big Wheels for another run. All warm and fuzzy the way only Hollywood and ad agency's can make you feel. Aside from ripping off the mojo from a Raconteurs video, all in all, not a bad commercial. Best part I initially thought was the background music being a sweet Fu Manchu song. Then it hit me. Fu Manchu has a song in a Toyota commercial. Oh well, Fu Manchu still kicks ass. They just do with a little more coin in the pocket. Can't argue with that. Not sitting in a death box you can't!


otree said...

Was I with you when you saw that??? I saw it, but I can't remember when or with who, but what I do remember is saying 'was that Fu Manchu??"

Anyway, sing this one on 11.

King of the road has to pay some bills!

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

Look inside.. the day started right
A back road in a dirt town lives.. all time
Slowly turns.. signals high.. what happens next
All time

The mongoose flies

Removed from the times
Event for the eyes
Mid day they gathered one by one
All time

The story lies behind.. the mongoose flies on by
Out on the street they ride.. the mongoose flies on by