save the drama for your mama

It's funny when I read stuff I've written in the past. Especially after a tough race. I remember really being worked for days after the O2S 2007 race, but really "the depth of pain this race caused cannot be measured on a human scale"....easy Trigger. Now as time has pasted, I can't wait to go back and give that race another go. Funny how that works. Hopefully I'll finish it with a little more dignity than last year. Less is more my young Padawan learner. Less is more.


Anonymous said...

Your comment about dignity is so true. I love racing, but it is harder than it used to be. After slowing down a bit, I look forward to the day I can "hit it" with more spunk, but I better shake the junk in my trunk before this punk is ready to dunk.

See ya at BUCK

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

Right on!

See you there.

Pinchie said...

Yar, O2S is a bitch, though. Like Chequamegon with another six inches of sand.

What's worse, though (and much like the Fat Tire Fest) is all the secret singletrack they DON'T include in the race. Back in 2005 or 6, I made a special effort to ride that shiz on Sunday and it was well worth the trip. Made me think: F--- this race! I wanna come back for the singletrack.