dislocated beauty

scorn and despair
what is fair
a walk with the stolen goods
willy nilly said i could
playing with fools
making the rules as we go
trying to go slow
hard times start to show
hidden memories to set free
slick and fast, the conscious and brief
brighten the damn past
we had a what we had, but it won't last
make me glad
make me sad
play with the bastards
as bright toys break faster
a little lie is spoken
from a silken bird flying golden
singing the songs of yesterday
leaving a bad taste in my current day
i'll shake till i sit still
i have the strongest will
you will again be new
i will skate till i break though
the ride passes my old home
why can't we ride alone
waiting for the stories end
bring me truth and i'll be your friend
i don't understand what we have
love and pain and unending sad
i wilt from the giving song
i pray you play along
without the end you dearly seek
i am weak with thoughts so gray and bleak
i am weak from the actors show
so far from you, i wait alone

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moonshiner said...

that's it, my training log is going to be written in iambic pentameter