racing, drinking, drinking and racing

WORS Border Battle. Gene was brappin' and then went down hard. Saw him being taken out of the woods in an ambulance and then off to the hospital. He's a tough bastard and I'm sure by now he's heckling the other patients and staff. Here's to a fast recovery!

The course was great, the racing was fast and furious. Marko won. I was only 20 minutes behind him. My plan for overall domination is working perfectly. I'm almost there.

Stone and I were just 8 seconds apart at the finish. For me, that's a huge victory since I was planning on seeing him fly by me on the big climb in lap 2. He was running 34/17 and I had multiple choices. If I would have been running 34/17, by lap 3, I would have been doing beer hand-ups. I want to be one of the cool kids, but reality is a bitch.

Probably just a few more mtb races this year. CX is coming up fast. I need to start drinking more so I'm ready for the whiskey hand-ups. I gotta get better at those this year.


Bloodclot said...

broken scapula, cracked rib, punctured (punk!) lung. All in a days work for the Gnarly Factory Pro...

DMC said...

Yes that was Hard and a lot of work
Tell MR O to get better
Might see ya's in Duluth