fast times

 After a couple tries, this dude nailed this frontside.   
 Pro's on bmx only night at 3rd Lair.
 Many hours spent in this bowl on the skate, and now Owen is riding it on his Stolen. So great.  
 Owen and his buddy timing a jump.


DMC said...

Third Layer was after I had left the Middle of the USA,,Rode PISS a few times and spent a lot of time at the Park on Lake down in up town... Many many many years ago,,,, Kill it Owen...

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

PISS was built by my pals Gary and Woody. Low ceilings made for interesting airs. You mentioning it brings back a lot of memories. Didn't know you had the skater gene. We should get a mountain biker / old skater session going. We got you, me and Keven K. and there must be more. Get rad!