We had our first night at our cabin this weekend.  We got there late Saturday, in the dark and the cabin was cold.  The wood stove heated it right up in about an hour.  The sky was clear Saturday night and the stars were huge looking up from the deck.  It was so dark and so quiet, I felt a million miles from everywhere. 
Looking south, M is about 1 mile and downtown cabin is 3 miles from here.  Perfect!
Hank baking in the sun while cooling his belly in the snow.  He fit right in up there and even made a new friend "Roxanne" on Sunday. 
Owen pumping out the well.  It hadn't been used in a while, so the water had a lot of iron in it.  After about 8 buckets it was fairly clear and tasted great.
The owner wasn't a hunter, but he left us two semi oldish bow's with about 30 arrows.  There's a burlap target on a tripod in the barn as well.  Should be fun. 

This mounted deer head was purchased by the previous owner at an art auction in Minneapolis.  He left it for us.  I wasn't sure about it at first and wasn't sure if Stacy would want it hanging, but it seemed right at home, so we agreed  it's going to stay right where it is.  

Just inside the Sauna's changing / woodstove area.  Another door leads into the sauna which is pretty large.  Didn't get to use it this trip, but it's No 1 on the list for the next time up. 

Looking south, 1 mile to M

Stacy and Owen walking down Trail Inn Road near the entrance to our cabin

Our closest neighbor's live in this amazing old barn.  He's a retired architect / woodworker / wood artists. His wife is an artist. They've spent years making this old barn their home and the inside is something to see. Very cool! Many of his peices of wood furniture are used thoughout the home. They are Roxanne's owners and have lived in the area for over 20 years. I'm looking forward to getting to know them better.   
The neighbors driveway entrance off of Trail Inn Road, just before our driveway.
Our driveway off of Trail Inn Road
"Marshall" was the previous owner.  As I've gotten to know him some over the past few weeks since we closed, i've found him to be an extremely nice character that designed and built an amazing place.  He put a lot of thought, love and hard work into the cabin and land and it shows whereever you look.  We are extremely fortunate to have been able to find it and purchase it from him.  Hopefully he'll have the chance to come back use it from time to time. 
Approaching the cabin looking northwest
Upper floor of the loft.  Talking to the previous owner, I found out all of the wood for the cabin, barn, sauna and outhouse came from the local lumber yard which milled all of the wood. It's Wisco all the way.

Looking southwest out of the upper floor of the barn.  The previous owner left that rocking chair in that spot.  I'm guessing it will probably stay right where it is. 
The back end of the tractor.  A friend that grew up in the country warned me to make sure the Power Take Off was covered, which right now it is not.  He told me a grusome story of a pant leg getting caught.  I'll be covering up the PTO for sure. 

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