Gilpin County

heading out on the road bikes
Pro heading into Ward.  It's really steep right there, though you can't tell from the pic.  
Dirt jumping in Lyon's
Near the top of the School Bus Trail
In the School Bus, looking out at the old shack
Into the Wild

Kort somethingorother (Eddie Vedder looking dude) along with his band and some fans.  Fun night at the Stage Stop just about a mile from Steve and Heather's place.  
photo op
I think we are still on the School Bus Trail here.  Super pretty area with a nice creek running along the trail
Steve and Heather prepping some food and warmth for the night.  Their place is cozy and warm, full of life and I felt at home immediately.  
artwork at the stage stop
bar at the stage stop

Heather was awarded an art grant from the city of ward.  With it, she get's the use of this space for two years to work on her art and develop art programs for the community.  Heather's talent seems limitless and I know she'll do amazing things here.  The previous occupants did not do well there and left it needing much work.  She and Steve are working on it and getting it ready to work out of.  
Morning Star
house in Lyon's
back flip tail whip barrel role mother hucker
lisa and ben
night time off the deck 

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