3371 miles

An unexpected phone call on a Wednesday night had me driving to Nampa, ID to visit my Uncle Tom on Friday.  He has Leukemia and isn't sure how much time he has.  I'm very close to him. He's a very funny guy and even with all he's been through has a great outlook on life, love and happiness. He offered this advise for me to share with Owen "If you ever think the grass is greener on the other side, remember you have to mow that grass too".  He's a total joker and is never afraid to tell a bad joke at the chance for a laugh. One of his favorite jokes is "Why did the golfer bring an extra pair of socks with him?...In case he got a hole in one.". He has a ton of jokes like that. I think I've heard them all at least twice and I only remember a few. Horrible memory. Horrible sense of direction...such is life. The drive to Idaho and back home was pretty amazing. Everything seemed bigger and more beautiful than I remember it being. The sky was unreal most of the time as storms passed, clouds broke and night turned to day. My uncle seemed strong willed and not ready to meet his maker, so hopefully I will see him again sometime soon. I happened through Salt Lake and Rollingsville on my way home and shared time with some friends.  


FC said...

Beautiful scenery. Amazing hair. Utah Greg! Lazer cow eyes. Otree still has the best life.

dean899 said...

tommy- want to talk about your BBB can you reach out to me? montedotdirksatgmaildotcom