receipt for hippie magic

2 High Life's in the belly
1 Hippie Van full of CX essentials
1 'No Turn On Red' sign ignored
Add in 1 of MPLS's finest on my ass with Hippie Van in it's spot light
1 'awe fuuuuck!'
1 very nervous left lane to right lane merge (with signal)
1 soaring hr
2 sweaty palms
1 MPLS POLICE car passing on the left
2 expressions of "holy shit!"


Fride said...

yeah, but did you get the barriers???

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

"CX Essentials" and I've got a bag of plastic for you. Remind me Saturday.

fc said...

and...you changed the broke back chefs front tire. mucho thanks to you, otree and vitch.