This ain't Grand Junction

This is Fruita...

Notice the Hot Tomato isn't the Hot Tomato. Is was the following year and you all know how that went down.

The last of the Homie has left my body finally. By the looks of things, my movie could of had some good pole vault action if'n I would have stuck around a bit longer.

A wicked wind is on course to blow in from the west come Friday. Suppose to last a couple days and who knows the damage that will be left in its wake?

It all boils down to one day. One last flip of the coin. The body knows not what pain awaits in what will surely be the end of a wonderfully strange season.

To all the folks that ride and race under the banner of Kenwood, I salute you!

Bring on the pumpkin pie!


Anonymous said...

when shall we see you and the minneapolis crew again? we are no longer in fruita, but hope that our paths still cross. any trips planned out west soon? xOxO, the stockman's

Bicycle Hellfire Machine said...

Jen! How's the Bay Area treating you and Andy? I will be out in CO/Fruita this spring with any other brave souls that care to join me. Are you two planning on attending the FFF in 09? Say hello to Andy. I'll keep in touch.