Dakota 50 Finishes

2007 - 4 hrs, 32 min, 11 sec.
2008 - 4 hrs 33 min 06 sec
2009 - 4 hrs 33 min 11 sec

That's some crazy shit.

Nice racing Tom. Looking forward to the stories.


Unknown said...

Damn - steady (and fast!) as hell for 3 years running...

Did it for the first time myself this year. A full-on painpile. Can't wait for '10!

Def Dilly said...

Yo- Next year we will bring out more K Racers to help support you to crush the 4hr 30min mark

otree said...

Kwood might need to bring out all the big guns in the quest to break Tomac's PR, just like Trek did for Lance at Leadville.

I will sign on as a pace horse, as long as there is plenty of High Life in reward if the plan is a success.

And if I don't find yet another excuse to skip the 50...